Saturday, December 12, 2009


i love daisies
as i love my memories.
most of the time they were idyllic
and sometimes it too can turn into terrible epic.
no matter what the past,
I'll appreciate them and it will last,
because we are just like bees,
living in a big tree..
produce the honey,
to fulfill the needs of the alley.
my colleagues,
you are the daisies

Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 keys

A few days ago, i read a short story called 'remember' by unknown writer from a piece of paper.

It is a good short story.This is a review. It is about a relationship of people that we know in daily life.

In that short story,Richard and Charles knew each other since they entered Oxford. At first, they were not close until they became quite best friend in the third years.

Richard thought that Charles was his good or best friends.Their relationship seems OK.Until a few occasion, Charles made a few statement that show the reality of their relationship. 

The keys were:

1) i knew you because we were in the same course.If not, i would not like to know you

2)At least s/he is better than you

3)Are you a friend?

Richard could bear when Charles made the first statement but no longer felt that he should for the rest.

Richard admitted he had done many things that Charles didn't like. However, Richard thought he would always help Charles whenever he needed.

Charles actually didn't want to be friend with Richard.He seems stuck with Richard because they were in the same courses. Richard now realized this and reflected on Charles statements.

The writer left the story on what Richard should do next after the reflection.

It is very simple but nice short story and i'm reflecting myself.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

me too

It is sad,

The wrongs become common.

There are no wrongs,

No one can see it,

or get used to it.

The worst,

i am like them,

and a part of them.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jack's Odyssey

He was created by Him,

but he never says thanks.

He keeps on living,

Eat,having fun and enjoy the world.

Like tomorrow is going to end.

But he never says thank.

Yet, he never been punished by Him.

He can still has the world,

And all what he wants,

Fill his lust with all the gives

But he never remembers Him.

Jack is happy and enjoy

The world,he has it!

Fun,that's all he knows

Nothing is going to happen to Jack

Jack owns the world.

He lays his hopes,

for the next chances,

He can do it tomorrow,

to change!


You'll never knows,

Tomorrow is not going to be the same.