Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Last Ramadhan RAya

Officially,this was the last fasting in Kelantan. After several years of experiencing fasting in Kelantan.Probably this was the last.Furthermore, this was raya for me as a student.This time, i still recieved some duit raya from my parents,uncle, aunt and other family members.Next year,insyaallah,i am the one that suppose to give them some duit raya. So i will prepare some money soon. Despite everything, the journey in the future is still long, about 8 months to go before finish this 6 years of TESL course.

There were a lot of things that i learnt during this 5-6 years. I hope i took them as lessons. All the mistakes should not happen again. All the sweet memories will be kept in my mind forever.There were love and hate during this period.

This six years is short and yet long.I am still leraning.

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