Sunday, January 23, 2011

what do i feel

This semester seems required me to attend a lot things.Since,many things happened in my life lately.Some of them are quite shocking and dismay.First,it consumed for the paternal part and then the maternal part...(i don't know this paternal maternal are correctly use or not)

However, i believe and pray that situations are getting better.there are tests,for us....what we can do it try to overcome(the best that we can) and be submissive.The rest will lie in the hand of the God.Some of the test may require us to play with death and life....but i have faith and always believe the death will come in the right time(never too soon and never too late).

Everybody's tests are different.Don't compare your life with others....The best thing that u can do is do everything only for the One.Then,you will be fine,if it is not here,there hopefully.

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